GitHub Enterprise has been updated to add unified search and a beta of the Checks API.

GitHub Enterprise is designed to give large companies a way to deploy GitHub in their own environments. This means it can be used locally to manage custom apps designed for their own users.

GitHub Enterprise offers commit histories, code browsing, compare views, pull requests, issues, wikis, gists, organizations and team management, all available locally, on your own server.

The unified search means that you can find public content and collaborate securely with developers outside your enterprise firewall. The feature relies on you having GitHub Business Cloud alongside GitHub Enterprise.It works by setting up a secure connection made up of the public key portion of your GitHub Enterprise license, combined with a hash of your GitHub Enterprise license, the authentication token that's used by your GitHub Enterprise instance to make requests to, and the organization on that's connected to your GitHub Enterprise instance.

The beta of the Checks API can be used to build tools for continuous integration, linting, and acceptance testing on GitHub. In previous releases, build outcomes were reported using the Statuses API, but the new Checks API means integrators can specify more status information during builds and collect more detailed information.

Two improvements are aimed at handling situations where there are a lot of people collaborating to a project. The recently added multiple issue templates have been improved. These let collaborators report multiple issues on a single ticket, and in this version the setup process has been made easier. A related improvement lets you specify how many reviewers are required for every pull request on a protected branch to ensure important projects are protected from unwanted changes.


Other improvements let you set up automated support tickets directly from Enterprise and send diagnostic information to get help faster; and configure anonymous git access to public repositories when your Enterprise environment is in private mode.




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