Visual Studio IntelliCode Infers C# Coding Conventions
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Visual Studio IntelliCode Extension has been updated to add 'coding convention inference' for C#.  In other words, the extension can look at your existing coding conventions and create a configuration file that best matches the way your code looks.

Once generated, the configuration file will help you maintain consistency in your team’s codebase. IntelliCode works out what to put in the .editorconfig file by scanning code files in your selected projects to create the best matching set of conventions.




The way this works is that you select the solution, project, or folder level folder where you want the conventions to apply, and choose to add an EditorConfig file. Once created, the EditorConfig files apply enforcement hierarchically to all files below it in the filesystem. If you have subfolders or projects that have different conventions, you can create a new EditorConfig for those subfolders or projects to override the conventions from the higher level.

Once in place, any code that doesn't conform to the style used by the majority of the code is highlighted in the error list in the Messages severity.  This can be altered so they show as warnings or errors. Formatting violations do not show up in the error list.

Visual Studio IntelliCode was announced as an experimental extension for Visual Studio 2017 earlier this year. The extension is designed to improve developer productivity with features like contextual IntelliSense, inference and enforcement for code styles, and focused reviews for your pull requests.

The current version of IntelliCode is based on an Azure machine learning model that offers better code completion and automatic code formatting to match your usual style. It also looks at your code to suggest NET related APIs that are likely to be the most relevant for you given the line of code you’re writing. 

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