GitHub Announces Container Registry
Tuesday, 15 September 2020

GitHub has launched a beta version of GitHub Container Registry, a service aimed at improving how containers are handled within GitHub Packages.



GitHub says the beta service will give users the means to better enforce access policies, encourage usage of a standard base image, and promote innersourcing through easier sharing across the organization.

GitHub Packages was launched last year and provides a way to host software packages privately or publicly and use them as dependencies in your projects.  GitHub describes Packages as a facility that lets you:

"safely publish and consume packages within your organization or with the entire world".

GitHub Container Registry is free for public images and also free for private images during the beta, and as part of GitHub Packages will follow the same pricing model when generally available.

The registry provides anonymous access for public container images, a feature similar to the way GitHub provides anonymous access to public repositories of source code. This is a feature GitHub says its users have asked for, and to show how this can work GitHub has published a public image of its own super-linter.

Alongside the beta, and aimed at better supporting collaboration across teams, GitHub has also introduced data sharing and fine-grained permissions for containers across the organization. The idea is that ny publishing container images with an organization, teams can more easily and securely share them with other developers on the team. In addition, by separating permissions for the package from those for its source code, teams can restrict publishing to a smaller set of users, or enforce other release policies.

The plan is that in the future GitHub will add support for more standards for cloud-native development including Helm 3 charts for Kubernetes applications, using the container registry for universal storage. 




More Information

GitHub Container Registry Documentation

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