GitHub Introduces Package Registry
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Thursday, 16 May 2019

GitHub has announced GitHub Package Registry, a software package hosting service that allows you to host your packages and code in one place. Currently in limited private beta, it lets you host software packages privately or publicly and use them as dependencies in your projects. 

  github package banner

Described as a facility that lets you:

safely publish and consume packages within your organization or with the entire world

GitHub Package Registry is another resource that can simplify the working environment of the developer and increase productivity.

GitHub uses the README in your repository to generate the package's description, and you can edit it to reflect details about the package or installation process. GitHub adds metadata for each package version that includes links to the author, repository, commit SHA, version tags, and date.

GitHub Package Registry offers the following benefits:

  • Integration with GitHub: The same search, browsing, and management tools to find and publish packages as you do for your repositories.

  • Unified identity and permissions: You can also use the same user and team permissions to manage code and packages together.

  • Multi package support: It supports familiar package management tools: JavaScript (npm), Java (Maven), Ruby (RubyGems), .NET (NuGet), and Docker images, with more to come.

  • Package insights: Packages hosted on GitHub include details and download statistics, along with their entire history, so you know exactly what’s included.

This Codertocat/hello-world-npm package is provided as an example registry package page:

github package reg eg

Being platform-independent is perhaps GitHub Package Registry's main advantage. If you have  multiple language versions of the same library, you now longer have to publish to multiple different places. 

GitHub has given assurance that Package Registry will always be free to use for open source and more pricing details will be announced soon.  

github package reg

More Information

GitHub Package Registry

Sign up for the beta

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