Apache Isis 2 M5 Adds Spring Boot Integration
Written by Alex Denham   
Tuesday, 06 April 2021

There's a new milestone release of Apache Isis, the framework for developing UIs for domain-driven apps in Java. It provides JPA persistence support as an alternative to JDO and includes support for Spring Data. 

Isis can be used to create user interfaces for domain object models, and these can then be customized by including additional components and extensions. To use it  you write your business logic in entities, domain services or view models, and Isis then builds both a generic user interface and also a rich hypermedia REST API directly from the underlying domain objects. The Isis team says this makes for extremely rapid prototyping and a short feedback cycle, perfect for agile development..


The main new feature in this release is to add support for JPA persistence as an alternative to JDO. This included support for Spring Data. JPA is a Java/Jakarta persistence API that specifies how relational data should be managed. Java Data Objects (JDO) also specifies a method of Java object persistence. Under JPA, objects are persisted via ORM (object-relational mapping). JPA is the most popular Java standard for persistence, but JDO is more flexible in terms of the options for implementing storage. 

In order to keep the two persistence implementations as consistent as possible and to minimize differences between the JDO and JPA integrations, the JDO integration has been substantially reworked in this version. The demo apps have also been reworked to show the use of both JDO and JPA.

The work to move the framework to run on the Java Spring Boot framework was largely completed before this release, but the work to support Spring Data continues, so that data source URLs are now configured using Spring configuration properties for both JPA and JDO.

The SecMan integration has been extended to also provide a JPA implementation, and has also been reworked to use logical type names rather than physical package names.


More Information

Isis On GitHub

Apache Isis Website

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