First Aid...Git!
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Friday, 07 May 2021

If you've ever floundered while trying to do something on Git, help is on hand. First Aid Git provides a quick way to search through the most common git-related issues.

Last month I discovered Git Command Explorer, which helps in
finding the right commands you need without digging through the web, and concluded that

whether you know the commands but can't remember the syntax or you don't know the commands and want to find out more about them, Gitexplorer is the tool for you.

Now I've come across another useful tool in that goes in the same direction - "First Aid Git".

We've all been there - trying to get around Git and on the way bombarding Google or Stackoverflow with "How do I .. " queries.

What First Aid Git does is indexing as well as making searchable the most frequently asked Git-related questions, based on the personal experience of Ricardo Magalhães who created it, Stack Overflow popularity, and the official Git documentation.


There are 53 total topics indexed, such as how to :

  • Merge my local changes with another branch

  • Undo commit before pushing changes

  • Remove a file from git but keep the local file

  • Squash feature branch commits to merge into the release branch

The questions come with detailed and easy to understand answers, for instance on the "Merge my local changes with another branch" topic:

This can be done while a regular merge, and you should keep your merge history by making sure to use --no-ff, which means no fast forward.

Switch to the branch you're merging against, make sure it's up to date, and merge:

git merge <the-other-branch> --no-ff

You should get a commit message with the merge X into Y branch, and then you can safely push your merge.

What's more, the questions/topics can also be filtered through the main auto-complete search box. At each keypress the results become more narrow until there's no more information to be shown. For instance typing "branch" will bring up 15 related topics such as :

  • List all remote branches

  • Rebase my branch with master

  • Combine two or more commits

While the filtering feature is quite useful, browsing through and glimpsing  all the topics is very educational.

So there you have it, yet another resource to add to your stockpile of git-related tools.

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More Information

First Aid Git

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