JetBrains Space Adds Notification Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 10 August 2021

JetBrains has added notification support to Space, its integrated team environment and collaboration software. The notification support adds a way to configure notifications about events in a team's work environment.

JetBrains Space was launched in 2020 to provide a development environment for teams with project and team management and communications.



It includes chat, project management, issue tracking, Git hosting, CI/CD, and package repositories. Space can be integrated with other JetBrains products including its integrated development environments (IDEs). It provides competition to products such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

The updated version adds the ability to configure notifications about any events in a work environment, along with an aim of helping users deal with too many notifications.

The updated version can now receive notifications related to a user in their personal feed or have them delivered into a group chat to keep an entire team updated. Until this update, there was no unified way to manage notifications in Space. There were predefined system notifications, which users received in pre-configured feeds inside Chats such as #Absence and #Blog, but these covered a limited number of events. The new facility means users can customize the setup to specify which notifications they see inside the Spacebox, the new default personal feed, as well as inside any feed or group channel. It's also possible to channel notifications into group chats to avoid cluttering personal feeds.

An addition to the new model will be support for webhooks, which will add the ability to notify external services such as an issue tracker, a CI server, or a deployment tool about the events that occur in Space. Webhook payload handling is supported in the Space SDK for Kotlin and .NET, and once the subscriptions for webhooks are released, users will be able to manage them in Space's settings.


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