NetBeans 14 Extends JDK 17 Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 28 July 2022

NetBeans 14 has been released by Apache, with improvements including more support for JDK 17 and better handling of problem reporting in Gradle.

NetBeans is an IDE for Java SE, Java EE, PHP and JavaScript development with some Groovy and C/C++ support. It provides editors, wizards and templates, and is cross platform.


This release of NetBeans adds even more support for Java 17, with the enabling of building on JDK 17, the updating of JS support to ECMAScript 13 / 2022, and the addition of JDK 17 support to the Payara Platform tools. Payara Server is an open source middleware platform derived from GlassFish Server that supports reliable and secure deployments of Java EE (Jakarta EE) and MicroProfile applications. 

Other Payara related improvements in NetBeans 14 include support for Payara Micro Hot Deploy, and the addition of application deployment support to locally running Payara Server docker containers.

Gradle projects problem reporting has been improved, the Gradle tooling has been upgraded to version 7.4, and support has been added for the Gradle configuration cache. Gradle sub-projects nodes order is also new in this release.

Code folding has been added for PHP attributes, and there's new support for PHP 8.1 initializers. PHP tests on Windows have also been improved. Support has also been added for PHP 8.1 pure intersection types.

Vscode improvements start with synchronization of the Project View with the active editor. VsCode icons have been added for OCI explorer, and for db explorer.

NetBeans 14 is available for download now. 


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