RapidAPI Studio Launched
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 01 August 2022

RapidAPI has launched RapidAPI Studio, a tool for developers to build, use, manage and make money from developing APIs.

RapidAPI, the world's largest API hub, is used by over three million developers to find, test, and connect to thousands of APIs with a single API key and dashboard. RapidAI Studio provides a way for developers to work using it as a desktop app, online, and inside VS Code as a native extension.


RapidAPI Studio consolidates the entire workflow into one place, so developers can move between API design and development, testing, and management without losing context.

rapidapi studio

The product is available online, as a desktop app, as a Mac Native application and as a VS Code extension, and API projects sync through the cloud for team sharing.

RapidAPI Studio can be used to build and maintain APIs of many types including REST, SOAP, and GraphQL. The Studio's tools start with a team-based API request client. Teams can create groups of requests that can be parameterized for different environments and contexts. The groups of requests are automatically synchronized in multiple clients, including RapidAPI Studio, the Mac-native RapidAPI Client, and the RapidAPI Client VS Code extension. Groups of requests can reside in separate branches, so team members can do things like experiment with requests before adding them to the team's main branch.

There's a testing tool that will convert your API requests into API tests so you can verify the API contract. You can also use RapidAPI Testing to monitor your API.

A Hub Listing tool can be used to describe and define your API, invite developers and teams to consume your API, create API plans, view usage analytics, and publish your API to the API Hub. There's also a Message Center that provides a central location for developers to view the announcements, discussions, and direct messages to and from your API consumers.

RapidAPI Studio is currently in beta and available for free for individual users and for organizations using the enterprise version of RapidAPI Enterprise Hub.


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