GitHub Releases Projects
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 04 August 2022

GitHub has announced the general availability of GitHub Projects powered by GitHub Issues. The developers say GitHub Projects connects your planning directly to the work your teams are doing in GitHub and flexibly adapts to whatever your team needs at any point.

Projects was announced as a beta last year. It looks like a spreadsheet with the project shown as a table where you can filter, sort, and group issues and pull requests. You can view your project as a high density table layout or as a board.


Projects are built from the issues and pull requests you add, creating direct references between your project and your work. Information is synced automatically to your project as you make changes, updating your views and charts. This integration works both ways, so that when you change information about a pull request or issue in your project, the pull request or issue reflects that information. The example given in the documentation is that of changing an assignee in your project and that change being shown in your issue. You can take this integration even further, group your project by assignee, and make changes to issue assignment by dragging issues into the different groups.

projects table

Projects also has a project board, and developers can set up their own custom fields. The combination can be used to track a sprint, plan a feature, or manage a large-scale release. Issues can be grouped and pivoted by stage, priority, status, assignee, or any custom field.

Projects also lets you see how things are progressing using charts. Chart types include bar, column, line, stacked area, stacked bar and stacked column. Suggested uses include tracking cycle velocity, current work status, and complex visualizations like cumulative flow diagrams.

Projects is available now.


More Information

Projects On GitHub 

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