GitHub Enterprise Adds Support For Discussions
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

GitHub Enterprise 3.6 has been released with improvements including support for GitHub Discussions, a repository cache, and audit log streaming. GitHub Enterprise is designed to give large companies a way to deploy GitHub in their own environments.

GitHub Enterprise can be used locally to manage custom apps designed for an organization's users.  Features include commit histories, code browsing, compare views, pull requests, issues, wikis, gists, organizations and team management.


The improvements to the new version of the server start with support for GitHub Discussions. This provides a dedicated place to discuss ideas and answer questions, while keeping your GitHub Issues focused on capturing work and plans. The team says it cuts down on context switching and helps bring your ideas next to your code.

The repository cache adds the ability to mirror repositories near geographically dispersed teams, reducing latency and bandwidth required to support geographically-distributed teams while also reducing load on the primary instance.

Audit log streaming has also been added. This gives customers a way to stream a high-fidelity set of audit log and git event data to a log collection point of their choosing. Customers will be able to stream to Splunk, Azure Event Hub, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.

The new release also adds a tree view for changed files in a pull request. This gives developers a way to quickly jump between files and understand the scope of a review in a glance. GitHub also now verifies Git commit signatures and shows commits as “verified” even if the developer’s public GPG signing keys are expired or revoked.

The new version also adds a number of minor improvements for security. The team says that:

"From removing insecure SSH keys and protocols from Git, to enforcing TLS encryption for incoming SMTP connections, GitHub Enterprise Server 3.6 can be configured to meet your compliance requirements."

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.6 is available now.


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