GitLab Announces Remote Development Feature
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 02 February 2023

GitLab, the web-based repository manager for Git, has anounced betas of two development features, Remote Development and Value Streams Dashboard.

GitLab specializes in providing a centralized, integrated platform for web developers with extensive features.


The GitLab Value Streams Dashboard, now available in private beta, is designed to give everybody working on a project real time viewing of the progress and value delivery metrics. GitLab says the dashboard also means that "developers can also see, at-a-glance, their impact on the idea-to-customer value chain".

This is just the first part of the value streams dashboard, and future plans include new visualizations such as overview widgets, top view treemap, and DORA performance score chart; security and vulnerability benchmarking so executives gain a better understanding of an organization’s security exposure; and a new data warehouse that supports fast analytical queries and deep data analysis. The team also plans to add additional business value metrics such as adoption, OKRs, revenue, costs and CSAT.

The second beta release is GitLab Remote Development. This is part of the newly released Web IDE Beta, now the default web IDE experience on GitLab. The Web IDE makes it possible to securely connect to a remote development environment, run commands in an interactive terminal panel, and get real-time feedback from inside the Web IDE. The GitLab developers say the new Remote Development option creates a more secure development experience by letting organizations implement a zero-trust policy so source code and sensitive data can't be stored locally on developer devices. It also gives organizations a way to enforce compliance requirements by ensuring developers are working with approved environments, libraries, and dependencies.

The developers say that GitLab Remote Development doesn’t require developers to set up and manage local development environments, so keeps workflow distractions to a minimum:

"Stripping away location, device, and complex toolchain barriers can maximize developer satisfaction, which can lead to increased ingenuity and productivity".

GitLab Value Streams Dashboard and Remote Development betas are available now.


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