Zenhub Adds Issue Management
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Thursday, 09 March 2023

Zenhub has launched an issue management feature for its developer team collaboration product. Zenhub is a project management tool that is natively integrated into GitHub. The company has also announced $10 million in funding to expand the use of Zenhub’s project management platform beyond technical teams using GitHub.

Zenhub is an agile project management tool that can be used for product roadmaps and is natively integrated into GitHub. Zenhub can be used to plan sprints, create epics, and visualize workflow from within GitHub. Zenhub is available inside GitHub via a browser extension or as a standalone web app.

Zenhub is free for personal and open source projects, and includes Roadmaps, Epics, Estimates, and Reporting Suite. It has multi-repo and cross-org support, API access, and Slack integration.


Zenhub Issues is a new issue management experience that internal and external stakeholders can use to create and collaborate on tasks with their technical teams.

zenhub issues

The tool allows non-technical users to create issues, tasks, and track projects in Zenhub without requiring a GitHub account. The Zenhub team says this provides a number of benefits,  including enhanced security, GitHub cost savings, external collaboration, and tool consolidation.

The extra security comes from the fact that non-technical team members no longer have to be given access to GitHub, so limiting  the number of team members with read or write access to code. Organizations can also avoid having to pay for GitHub licenses for non-technical team members to be able to collaborate with their development teams in Zenhub.

External collaboration is easier as clients, customers, and contractors can be given access to Zenhub Issues without needing access to the underlying GitHub repos, and companies can consolidate their tools because there's no longer the need to maintain separate project and product management solutions for different internal teams.

Zenhub Issues is available today.


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Zenhub Issues

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