GitHub Enterprise Server 3.10 Improves Security
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 01 September 2023

Version 3.10 of GitHub Enterprise Server, the self-hosted version of GitHub that organizations can install on their own servers, has been released with improved security and compliance controls.

GitHub Enterprise  Server is designed to give large companies a way to deploy GitHub in their own environments and can be used locally to manage custom apps designed for an organization's users. It offers all the same features as the cloud-based version of GitHub, including commit histories, code browsing, compare views, pull requests, issues, wikis, gists, organizations and team management, plus additional features for security, compliance, and customization.  


The first improvement to the new release is the general availability of GitHub Projects, with additions that help teams manage large projects. GitHub Projects consist of project tables that are built like a spreadsheet and provide a live workspace to filter, sort, and group issues and pull requests.

The second improvement is the addition of custom deployment protection rules for GitHub Actions and new policy control over runners. The beta feature means teams can now create their own custom deployment protection rules to work with third-party services such as Datadog, Honeycomb, and ServiceNow so they provide automated approvals for deployments to your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. The new feature also gives administrators new control over the security and management of runners for GitHub Actions.

A new security improvement means developers can now set up code scanning on a repository in just a couple of clicks, and without using a .yaml file, by using a  new "default setup". The same feature can also be used for enabling code scanning across multiple repositories at once with default setup.

The new version also supports the use of fine-grained personal access tokens (PATs) to provide granular control to PATs, and better control over merge policies should mean branch protections meet more compliance needs. 

Elsewhere, the developers say Enterprise Server can be used to back up instances faster and more incrementally through changes inlcuding updating ghe-migrations to show the status of all database migrations during an upgrade, incremental mySQL backups, and the ability to prune backup snapshots in backup-utils v3.10.0 outside of the backup generation process so backups can be taken more quickly.

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.10 is available now.


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