JetBrains Launches RustRover IDE
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 13 September 2023

JetBrains has launched a new IDE for Rust developers. The company describes RustRover  as combining advanced coding support with an integrated toolchain.

JetBrains says RustRover simplifies the Rust coding experience, with features including real-time feedback, intelligent code suggestions, simplified toolchain management, and team collaboration. The previous JetBrains product for Rust developers was IntelliJ Rust, an open-source Rust plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs.


The IDE is designed to work without the need for user configuration or for additional plugins so developers can start coding straight away. RustRover's features include on-the-fly analysis of code, so developers get rapid error detection and real-time feedback. The IDE also has permissive completion and parsing, which JetBrains describes as meaning programmers get smart code suggestions even in unconventional contexts.

Rust Rover

RustRover also has code insight, encompassing auto-completion, intention actions, type inference, and other techniques related to code analysis so developers can better understand the code and its structure and access code examples for enhanced development. RustRover will complete relevant names everywhere in your code, adding details such as missing fields, imports, or trait methods, and generating typical constructs with live templates.

While you type, RustRover applies a set of inspections to your code and suggests quick-fixes to resolve any problems automatically. RustRover offers many refactorings that work across the whole codebase.

Unit testing is integrated into the IDE so developers can carry out testing, rerun failed tests, and resolve errors. RustRover fully integrates with Cargo so your call call Cargo commands from within the IDE. It also provides code insight to help you edit TOML files.

Toolchain support includes a Rust compiler and other tools for coding, and there's Full VCS integration with built-in GitHub and Git support.

JetBrains says RustRover will be free to use during the EAP period, after which it will be offered under a commercial plan, either as a standalone commercial IDE or as part of the All Products Pack. The plan is to to release RustRover before September 2024.


More Information

JetBrains RustRover Website

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