IntelliJ IDEA Adds Project-Wide Analysis
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 05 August 2021

IntelliJ IDEA has been updated with improvements including a new project-wide analysis feature that can track errors all the way through projects before compiling them. Maven and Gradle support has also been improved.

IntelliJ IDEA is a well-known Java IDE for web, desktop and mobile development, and the updated version is part of the regular update cycle

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Developers can now manage Maven and Gradle dependencies through a new Package Search UI that you can use to search for any Java or Kotlin library and get back relevant information. The search tool will also show if any version updates for dependencies are available, in which case the package can be upgraded from within the editor.



The editor has also been improved, with better diagrams that show a Structure view with a diagram map and a preview of the selected block and its neighbors. Markdown support has also been improved with the ability to convert .md files to/from various formats, configure image size, and use drag and drop to insert images.

Java support improvements start with a new two-step JavaFX project wizard. Developers can also mark public, protected, and private Java members (methods, fields, classes) in different ways. There are also several new inspections aimed at Data Flow Analysis, including tracking a floating-point range or collection size on update methods.

For Kotlin, code completion now works based on the machine learning mechanism by default. Kotlin developers can also run tests without waiting for code analysis to finish, and the coroutines agent has been made more easily available.

Scala 3 support has been significantly improved, and indexing is faster and more precise. Along with Scala 3 SDKs, the new release supports Scala 3 constructs in Scala 2 projects. Compiler-based error highlighting has also been added to avoid false error reports.

IntelliJ 2021.2 is available now.


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