JetBrains Launches IDE Services
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 09 April 2024

JetBrains has launched a new product suite for enterprises. JetBrains IDE Services is designed for use by large organizations with the aim of boosting developer productivity at scale.

The JetBrains IDE Services suite is made up of five products and services that includes AI and collaboration tools that are available separately or as a bundle.


The first product in the suite is an IDE Provisioner that can be used for IDE management to push appropriate versions, settings and IDE plugins to developers across an organization. The tool will push IntelliJ-based IDEs to developers' machines, securely and consistently. Administrators can centrally define a list of validated IDEs and their specific versions and set them as the only available ones for developers. Older versions can also be blocked from running.

JetBrains IDE Services

The provisioner comes with a local built-in repository of IntelliJ Platform plugins, so managers and administrators can choose specific plugins to be approved. It also lets you upload and distribute your own plugins inside your company, as well as any publicly available plugin from the internet. The provisioner can also be used to define and propagate global IDE settings to all instances of the IDEs running in the organization, such as setting custom VM options, limiting maximum heap size, and defining default code styles.

The second product is AI Enterprise. This lets managers specify which LLM providers are available to developers, along with the levels of spending and security to be used. 

A License Vault module automates the distribution of the JetBrains IDE licenses for the organization. The description says: 

"Your team members get the JetBrains IDEs and plugins they need without any delays, and you can manage the payments at a later date."

A collaborative programming tool is also included in the product suite. Code With Me Enterprise is described as offering real-time collaborative programming while:

"keeping security front and center".

The Code With Me feature enables you to share an open project in your IDE with your distributed team. You can set up on-premises servers to have full control of your infrastructure while working with Code With Me.

The final element of the suite is CodeCanvas. This is a self-hosted remote development environment orchestrator designed to simplify the setup and management of development environments. From the developer's viewpoint, the tool can be used to connect to a fully prepared remote environment, spinning up a new development environment directly from any branch or merge request. The environment can be discarded once the work is finished. Everything is stored in templates, standardizing the development environment for a project or entire organization. Developers can use the same tools, libraries, and dependencies no matter what operating system they use.

JetBrains IDE Services is available now.


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JetBrains IDE Services

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