Open Source Font Designed For Code
Written by David Conrad   
Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Source Code is part of Adobe's recently released Source Sans Pro family and is a monospaced font that is integrated into Adobe Edge Code, part of the Adobe Edge suite for web developers.

When considering fonts "mono-spaced" and "stylish" are rarely found in combination. However, I think many will agree that Source Code, designed by Paul Hunt and downloadable from Sourceforge is attractive enough to change this situation:




On Typblography, Paul Hunt writes:

As a font developer, I spend a good chunk of each day coding in a text editor and reading output messages from a terminal window, so I can appreciate the importance of a good monospaced font. When the Brackets team reached out to us on the Adobe type team, asking if we could develop a coding font for their open source application, we thought it made sense to adapt Source Sans, which I was working on at the time. Personally, I felt that I could use this opportunity to create a coding font that I would want to use myself. Given the existing family name, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to name the monospaced variant designed for coding applications Source Code.

He also explains how he took care to differentiate potentially confusable characters:




He was also aware of characters with special meanings for programmers, commenting:

In coding, many of the characters we take for granted are more meaningful symbols in computer languages. To make these more legible, I increased the size of punctuation marks, and optimized the shapes of important characters like the greater- and less-than signs, and adjusted heights of dashes and mathematical symbols so that these align better with each other.



The complete Source Code family of six weights is now available through the same channels as Source Sans. You can download the fonts and source files from the Open@Adobe portal on SourceForge and can clone and fork the project on GitHub. You can also use the fonts on the web through Adobe Edge Web Fonts,TypekitWebINK, and Google Web Fonts.




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