ReSharper 8.0 For Visual Studio 2013
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 19 July 2013

JetBrains has released a new version of ReSharper, its add-on for Visual Studio that can be used to analyze code quality, carry out code changes across an entire code set, and show how code can be improved.



The new version adds support for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Preview, along with new architecture tools, better XAML support, more options for code refactoring, and improved support for fixing common .NET code issues.

One improvement is that when ReSharper suggests a fix that would improve or overcome a problem with your code, you can apply it as a batch operation either within the scope of a project or the whole solution.

The new architecture tools gives you the option of seeing a project dependency graph for a high-level perspective of dependencies within a Visual Studio solution, and there’s no need to compile the code in order to see the graph.



If you’re working on XAML-based applications for platforms such as WPF, Windows Phone, or Windows Store, you can now make use of a new set of dedicated code inspections and quick-fixes. The new version also includes a pack of refactorings to manipulate styles and resources.

ReSharper Refactorings give you a way to restructure an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior. ReSharper comes with a number of refactors, each of which analyzes the code selection to which it is applied, including cross-language code, then updates the code structure. The new options include what the developers say is a much requested option – a Move Instance Method that moves methods between classes without making them static. Other new refactors include Inline Parameter and a more intelligent version of Change Signature.

Templates have been improved with the ability to create more than one file per template, making boilerplate code generation easier. Extension management has also been improved with a new NuGet-based Extension Manager that makes discovering, installing and uninstalling ReSharper extensions faster in Visual Studio 2010 and higher.

Other changes include new navigation actions, more intuitive code completion, enhanced CSS support for web developers, and code formatter improvements.


You can try ReSharper 8.0 free for 30 days and JetBrains has also released a free command-line version. The new ReSharper Command Line Tools is a set of free standalone tools that execute hundreds of ReSharper inspections outside of Visual Studio and can also find code duplicates. The tools can be used without installing ReSharper, and can be integrated with Continuous Integration or code quality management servers.




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