WebStorm 10 Released
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Friday, 03 April 2015

WebStorm, the JavaScript web development IDE from JetBrains has just been released in its 10th version with more language supports, faster performance and new features.



JavaScript support has been completely reimplemented in WebStorm 10, so indexing, highlighting and code completion is now faster. Alongside enhanced ECMAScript 6 support it now has a built-inTypeScript compiler and supports TypeScripts latest language features including union types, let and const keywords. Looking to the future it also supports modules and decorators expected in TypeScript 1.5 and as part of ECMAScript 6 and respectively 7.

In this screencast Trisha Gee introduces the highlights of this release.




One noteworthy IDE improvement is its new “distraction-free” mode to help developers concentrate on their code. This removes all toolbars and menu bar, leaving visible only the text file under work.




The release also introduces a new editing feature - simultaneous HTML tag editing. When you change an opening tag you no longer have to remember to make the corresponding change to the closing tag as this is done automatically. 

Other updates include improved Grunt integration, project-wide Dart code analysis, and HiDPI support for Windows and Linux.

There are also new features in Spy-js, a tool for tracing, debugging and profiling JavaScript introduced in WebStorm 8. In this release it adds support for source maps to trace TypeScript, CoffeeScript or ECMAScript 6 code transpiled to JavaScript, allowing you to see the highlighted execution path and inspect object values right in the original file. It also adds application dependency diagrams that let you visualize and explore your application structure.





The diagrams show how project files are connected with function calls based on the runtime data. The new feature works both for client-side and Node.js apps.

Webstorm 10 has another new feature for  Node.js apps - V8 profiling which allows you to capture and analyze JavaScript engine CPU profiles and heap snapshots to help eliminate performance bottlenecks and fight memory issues. 

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WebStorm 10 released



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