Orion 16 Improves Node Server
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 09 October 2017

There's a new release of Orion, the Eclipse cloud IDE, with improvements to the Node.js server, language tooling, and trial debugger support.

Orion is a browser-based open tool integration platform aimed at web developers. It is managed by the Eclipse Foundation, which also provides the OrionHub, a service that lets you experiment with Orion. Orion tools are written in JavaScript and run in the browser. The new release can be run at OrionHub, from NPM or you can download the server to run your own instance locally.

The main work in the new release has been to improve the compatibility, stability and overall quality of the Node.js server. Orion provides a minimal, single-user server deployment of Orion written in JavaScript that runs on Node.js. The idea is that you can use it to develop your own Node applications with Orion's editing environment. The developers intend the Node.js server to replace the Java server as the preferred implementation. 

The option of debugging directly from within Orion has also been added, though the developers say that this dark launch version is not completely polished yet.


Recent development in Orion has improved splitter manipulation, with a new command Command + Shift + ‘.’ that cycles through each splitter on the page, granting it focus. There's also a code edit widget that gives you control over the keybindings in use, so you can override the default bindings that come with Orion.

The language tools have been improved in both this and the previous release, with improved support for content assist for languages including CSS files, HTML and JavaScript to give you more complete and correct assist for rules and attributes. Support for Tern, JSON, and eslint have also been improved.




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