RStudio Updated With Plumber Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 13 May 2019

RStudio has been updated with a new release that adds the ability to create, test, and publish APIs in R with Plumber and run R scripts. The new release also adds testing R code integrations for shinytest and testthat. 

RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R includes a code console, syntax-highlighting editor, and tools for plotting, history, debugging and workspace management.


The latest version has a new rendering engine based on modern Web standards. The developers say this means that RStudio Desktop looks sharp on displays large and small, and performs better everywhere – especially if you’re using the latest Web technology in your visualizations, Shiny applications, and R Markdown documents.

rstudio 1 2

The new release also makes it easier to create RESTful Web APIs in R using the plumber package. Plumber is a package that converts existing R code to a web API using a small number of one-line comments. RStudio 1.2 adds to the plumber support from earlier versions with push-button local server execution for development and testing. It also makes it easier to publish APIs to RStudio Connect. Support has been added for automatic API documentation and interactive execution via Swagger; and you can create a new plumber API project or add an API to an existing directory.

Stan support has also been improved. Stan is a programming language designed for writing high-performance and scalable statistical models. The new version of RStudio improves context-aware autocompletion for Stan files and chunks. A document outline has been added to improve navigation between Stan code blocks. You also get Inline diagnostics that highlight issues while you develop your Stan model; and you can now interrupt Stan parallel workers launched within the IDE.

Testing has been improved in this release with support for shinytest, a package to perform automated testing for Shiny apps, which allows developers to record Shiny tests and to run and troubleshoot them. Testthat support has also been improved. You can now run specific testthat tests from each source file. The developers say this is useful to quickly validate specific functionality or troubleshoot broken tests. 



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