BodyKit APIs In Beta
Written by David Conrad   
Monday, 16 March 2015

BodyKit, a collection of APIs and embeddable components that gives the ability to virtualize, analyze, and simulate the human body, is being launched in private beta.

Based in New York, BodyLabs is a tech startup that is working on a platform for creating and customizing 3D human avatars for use in fashion,  fitness, ergonomics, video games and other virtual reality scenarios. End users will be able to use avatars of themselves to go shopping,  to devise fitness regimes or to consult their doctors on diet or other medical issues.



Body Labs co-founder and CEO Bill O'Farrell says:

"We believe that everyone will have their own 3D body model as part of their online digital 3D."

He considers the main application will be in retail:

"For the first time in human history the body itself can be delivered as the platform around which goods and services are designed, manufactured, bought sold and recommended".


This isn't the first time we've come across the use of body mapping for fashion retailing, see Bodymetrics Brings Body-mapping to Bloomingdales and The Perfect Fit - thanks to Kinect-technology, but the BodyKit APIs move the technique into the hands of every developer who wants to use it.

The beta is launching with:

  • Instant  API - lets you create bodies from measurements using BodyLabs' statistical model and dataset to predict body shapes and measurements
  • BodyHubAPI - lets you create and save  bodies from scans or measurements, build a database of cusomer's bodies for analysis or operations such as animation

  • Body Snap - uses the Kinect to take full body scans and upload them to BodyHub



You can join the private beta for free, and future pricing plans start at $20 per month with up to 20K API calls and 1000 saved bodies per month. 



More Information

BodyKit API

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