The Perfect Fit - thanks to Kinect-technology
Written by Lucy Black   
Monday, 16 January 2012

A body-mapping product that promises online shoppers the chance to buy clothes that are the perfect fit was demoed at CES. It has been developed by Bodymetrics in partnership with PrimeSense, the company that invented the Kinect.


Bodymetrics has come up with the solution to a problem that many of you will recognise - how to buy a pair of jeans or a business suit that fits you without you having to try it on first.

And, guess what, it is Kinect technology that has made this breakthrough.




Bodymetrics in partnership with PrimeSense, the company that pioneered the Kinect 3D sensing technology that Microsoft has now popularised, is working on a "living room" version of a body scanning product that up until now has been the preserve of elite retail outlets - Selfridges on Oxford Street in London being the example shown on its website - as it required expensive body-scanners.

Now, using a PrimeSense 3D sensor this technology can be installed by small retailers, making high street clothes shopping much less frustrating as you can narrow your choices to items that will actually fit.

Moreover, thanks to the way that Microsoft is licensing its Kinect for Windows SDK, in the not too distant future we will be able to use first the Kinect and then the 3D-sensors that are likely to be incorporated into the next generation of smart TVs, to produce body-maps at home and get the perfect fit, first time with online shopping, as this video demonstrates:




There are clearly a lot more applications waiting for the right software to be added to the soon-to-be-available Kinect for the PC.

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