JetBrains Strengthens WebStorm
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 12 July 2016

There's a new version of WebStorm, the JavaScript web development IDE from JetBrains. WebStorm 2016.2 adds support for forthcoming TypeScript 2.0 features. React support has also been improved, as has integration with Angular CLI.



The support for TypeScript means you can use optional class members. Support has also been added for the readonly property, never type, and this function type. You can declare global module export, resolve for type declarations in @types folder, and use path mappings based module resolution.

The improvements to React support provide code completion and resolve for component properties defined using propTypes. Another improvement means that non-DOM attributes are no longer marked as unresolved, and component lifecycle methods are no longer marked as unused.

Developers using Angular CLI will also find better integration, meaning you can now create new Angular 2 projects from the IDE Welcome screen. There are also a collection of Angular 2 Live templates that provide frequently used code snippets for use in the IDE.




The developers have also added features to help you upgrade your code to ECMAScript 6. If you press Alt+Enter on a callback function, the new Convert to arrow function intention will convert it to an arrow function, or will convert an arrow function to a shorthand arrow function.

The IDE has been improved in general to add support for fonts with ligatures such as Fire Code, Monoid or Haskig. You'll also find improvements when working with VCS patches. If you copy the patch to the clipboard then go to WebStorm, the IDE will immediately ask if you want to apply it. As an alternative, you can simply drag the patch file into the IDE.


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