C++ Experiences Comeback In TIOBE Index
Written by Janet Swift   
Friday, 19 April 2019

C++ is singled out for attention in this month's TIOBE Index.  Having been pushed out of the top three programming languages by Python last September, it has returned to its long term third position, relegating Python to fourth. 

The TIOBE Programming Community Index started in 2002 as as an indicator of the popularity of programming languages, it uses a very simple methodology. It counts hits for the search query:


on 25 search engines - including many Google sites, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Wikipedia and, somewhat bizarrely, Ebay. Although Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.in are among the 25, Amazon.com is not.

The index is published on a monthly basis and its interactive Top 10 Chart provides the overall trends over its entire history. Here we've selected the current Top 4:


The green line represents C++ and, like C, has experienced an uptick over recent months.

The year-on-year figures are also presented every month. These reveal that Java, which has been in the top position since May 2015 when it overtook C, which had occupied the top slot for most of the previous three years, was the only language in the top 4 to have seen a decline (of 0.74%) in its market share since last April. Python had experienced the biggest year-on-year increase (2.36%) of any language in the index, followed by C++ (1.62%)



TIOBE takes pains to point out that C++ re-occupying 3rd place in the index isn't due to any reduction in the popularity of Python:

"This is certainly not because Python is in decline: Python is scoring all-time highs almost every month. It is just that C++ is also getting more and more popular." 

Reflecting on C++'s performance over the longer term and analyzing the reasons for its resurgence, TIOBE writes:



More Information 


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