Asynchronous Runtime For Rust Released
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 18 January 2021

Tokio, an asynchronous runtime for the Rust programming language, has been released in a 1.0 version. Tokio can be used to write reliable networking applications without compromising speed.

Tokio comes with asynchronous APIs for TCP, UDP, timers, a multi-threaded, and a work-stealing scheduler. Rust was designed to offer a safe, fast and concurrent language without having a garbage collector. It was originally sponsored by Mozilla, and is intended for use in situations including embedding in other languages, writing programs with specific space and time requirements, and writing low-level code, like device drivers and operating systems.


Tokio was first announced four years ago, and has been in development ever since. The aim was for it to make writing robust, scalable, and production ready network clients and servers as easy as possible. It does this by focusing on small and reusable components, and by being very fast.

Since then, it has evolved significantly. The most notable change happened a year ago with the addition of async and await to Rust. Today, Tokio is easier to use and more powerful. This evolution has also caused some friction. It has required libraries to track these changes, and could result in confusing error messages when accidentally depending on multiple versions of Tokio.The Tokio 1.0 release ends this churn. As part of the release, we are committing to providing a stable foundation for the ecosystem. We have no current plans for Tokio 2.0 and we commit to holding back on a Tokio 2.0 release for at least 3 years. We plan to maintain the Tokio 1.0 branch for a minimum of 5 years. Tokio will keep a rolling MSRV (Minimum Supported Rust Version) policy of 6 months. When increasing the MSRV, the new Rust version must have been released at least six months ago.


More Information

Tokio on GitHub

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