Microsoft Releases Rust Video Course
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 09 July 2021

Microsoft has released a video course designed to teach Rust in 35 short lessons. The individual episodes range from three to five minutes long and teach the fundamentals of Rust development.

The course starts from showing how to download the tools you need to program with Rust, and continues through common concepts, and what's unique about Rust.


Microsoft says that by the end of this series, you will have enough knowledge to go forth and write your own Rust programs. The code that the series uses is available on GitHub, along with other useful resources.

The series is just the latest of Microsoft's Beginner's Series To... range, with other languages and techniques available including JavaScript, Vue.js, Dev Containers, Blockchain, and Web Development among other topics.

Typical episodes of the course include 'what is Cargo?', 'Learn about Scalar data types', and 'Create and use compound data types'.

The introduction to the course looks like this:

According to the resources on GitHub, the course covers:

  • Why you should learn Rust
  • The Rust community
  • How to setup your development environment for Rust
  • How to create and run Rust programs
  • How to use Cargo
  • The different data types and how to use them
  • Functions
  • Control flow
  • Error handling
  • Borrowing
  • Ownership
  • Strings
  • Collections
  • Traits

Microsoft is also offering a Rust beginners course called " Take your first steps with Rust", that uses a series of online HTML-based lessons for learning Rust.

The Beginner's Guide to Rust course is available on YouTube and Channel 9 now.



More Information

Code and resources on GitHub

Microsoft Rust Course On GitHub

Microsoft Online Rust Course

Rust Website

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