Stack Overflow Reveals Hiring Trends
Written by Janet Swift   
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Stack Overflow has collected data on changes in the developer hiring scene that will be really useful to anyone currently looking for a job. It shows that ReactJS and Docker are the fastest growing targets that employers are looking for, while Ajax is declining fast.



Stack Overflow Jobs has been filling job vacancies for more than two years which has enabled it to collect data about hiring trends. The charts from its recent blog post, reproduced here, are based on: 

targeting options for employers on Stack Overflow Jobs that were used by at least 200 companies since the beginning of 2015.




The first chart looks at the changing demand for technologies and roles it lists the top ten areas of growth and decline.

The blog post notes: 

"The fastest growing targets are ReactJS, Docker, Ansible, and Apache Spark, followed by System Administration and QA."

While ReactJS may be the latest hot technology, the older technolgies one which it builds are getting squeezed out, with Ajax being the biggest loser, followed by Backbone.js, LAMP, Apache and jQuery. So if your resume focuses on the older skills a bit of updating is probably called for. 

The next chart reveals where supply outstrips demand and vice versa - and it's really bad news for those basing their careers on WordPress due to it being the most "oversaturated technology" with more a ratio of more than four times as many developers as jobs. Desktop OSX with over twice as many developers than jobs is also an area where job seekers can expect stiff competition.



Cloud (Back End) is where there is most demand with almost five jobs per developers, with iOS and Android also revealing significant under supply. 

For many just a slight change of emphasis can open a whole new raft of opportunities. For example, the chart shows that while Front End Web and Back End Web have a shortage of developers, there's an oversupply of Full Stack Web developers. So just choose Front or Back End, or even Front and Back End, as the labels you apply to your skills. And why not encompass the Cloud to give yourself even more cache.   


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