The State of Agile
Written by Sue Gee   
Wednesday, 11 April 2018

While still far from maturity, agile is growing and organizations are realizing the benefits they set out to achieve by adopting the methodology.

These findings come from the latest State of Agile survey that covers a broad range of industries in the global software development community. For this 12th year, 1,492 responses were collected and analyzed. Although it was sponsored by CollabNet VersionOne, only 22% of the respondents were VersionOne customers.

Over half  the respondents to this year's survey reported that more than half of their teams were using agile practices and in all 97% of respondents' organization practice agile methods and 65% have been doing so for 3 or more years. Even so the vast majority of respondents (84%) said their organization was at or below a “still maturing” level:



As in the previous survey the top reason for adopting agile was to accelerate software delivery and this was selected by 75% of respondents compared to 69% last year. Enhancing delivery predictability also showed a big increase - 46% compared to 30% last year. 


Although speed of software delivery is seen as the prime motivator for agile it isn't seen as the top benefit in practice - which instead is the ability to manage changing priorities and corresponds to the second most popular reason for adopting agile. Product visibility comes as the second benefit and delivery speed is in fourth place in this list after business/IT alignment.


In terms of agile methodologies used Scrum is by far the most prevalent. Together with hybrid methodologies that include it, Scrum is used by 83% of respondent's organizations. 




Daily standup is a technique used by 90%, Sprint/integration planning is used by 88% with 80% following up with Sprint/iteration review.


An overwhelming 98% of respondents said that they had experienced success with agile projects in their organization with 74% indicating that more than half of their agile projects had been successful using various measures:


Customer/user satisfaction moved to the top of this ranking this year with 57% of respondents selecting it compared to 44% in the previous survey. On time delivery and business value remained in the top three.



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