European Perl Conference In Glasgow, Massive Summer Event
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Monday, 25 June 2018

Yes, with more than 50 talks, workshops and networking events, YAPCEU:: 2018 promises to be massive. Not  everything will be strictly about Perl 5 and 6, sessions on ethics, career building and recruiting are also included.

The workshops, which include training most notably by GeekUni and Dave Cross, have been finalized and are:

Perl related:

  • GeekUni - "Using databases with DBIx::Class", 240 minutes long, requires knowing both Perl and SQL

  • GeekUni - "Object Oriented Perl 5", a 240 minutes long session to transcend from the default minimal OO system to Moo and Moose

  • DrForr - "Introduction to Perl 6", a whooping 540 minutes long session on Perl 6 fundamentals

Career/Character building:

  • Dave Cross - "The Professional Programmer", 210 minutes on what other critical skills a programmer should possess besides programming

  • Mark Prather  - "I don't want to be an asshole anymore", 420 minutes on how to best cooperate and get along with other professionals, your teammates amongst others


  • GeekUni - "Growing your Perl Team", 90 minutes BOF to help recruiters make the right decisions and find the right candidates

General interest:

  • Dave Cross - "Web Site Tune-Up, Improve Your Googlejuice" 210 minutes on conquering the holy grail, that is, ranking better in Google

The talks list is exhaustive too.There are 52 talks (including the workshops), a number which could potentially increase before June 30th, the deadline for proposal submissions. Again there's an interesting mix of topics with big talks from big names, so as a mere sample I'm just picking the few über-interesting that stand out the most:

  • WebDriver Integration Testing With Perl‎
  • Vue.js for Perl hackers‎
  • ‎Designing Domain Specific Languages in Perl‎
  • Concurrent evolutionary algorithms with Perl 6‎
  • Managing PostgreSQL stored procedures as application code‎
  • ‎Developers, engineers and the downward spiral‎
  • ‎Fatpack it! Full featured Perl apps in a single file‎
  • Let them learn Perl on the job?‎
  • Turning humans into developers with Perl‎
  • Perl6 : Signatures, Types and Multimethods‎

Breaking away from the technical aspects, the conference is also revolving around ethics, diversity in tech and just being plainly honest, with the first keynote "Discourse Without Drama", presented by Ruth Holloway (GeekRuthie), to set the scene with a talk on the pain experienced as a result of trolling or having discussions that involve exaggerated dramatic statements and how to go about them.

That's not the only talk on ethics however, as there's the "You’re Not Wanted Here! (How design decisions can make your application discriminatory)" and "I don't want to be an asshole anymore" too. This goes to show the warmth surrounding the Perl community and makes clear that the "The Perl programming language community's"  Silver sponsoring of the other forthcoming (July 13th) COED:ETHICS summit on practical tech ethics is not just mere coincidence.

In case these extremely interesting topics and people haven't whetted your appetite yet, there's still the outlook of visiting a beautiful venue and a beautiful city, that of Glasgow. The Studio, which hosts the event, looks absolutely stunning and offers every necessity a world class meeting would demand. Located in the centre of Glasgow offers a great opportunity to wander around town. In fact the organizer's informative website refers to several city and travel guides for the aspiring tourist.




So if you want to spend your time creatively and at the same time get up to speed with the latest trends on the tech front too, because let's face it, Conferences nowdays are considered a form of life long education, look no further than Scotland for August 13th - 17th.

As an ending note, I'd like to point out that the recent string of Perl conferences (Perl Toolchain Summit, The Perl Conference in Salt Lake City, Nordic Perl Workshop & Mojoconf, Dutch and Swiss Perl Workshops etc) as well as the frequency they take place, are definite indicators of the strong interest in all things Perl, starkly contrasting the reports of imminent doom and catastrophe. So, don't believe the hype, embrace the now, embrace the future, join YAPC::EU 2018!



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