Happy Developers Think More About Security
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 20 April 2020

DevSecOps developers working with "mature devops practices" have higher job satisfaction and are more security conscious, according to new survey from devops automation company Sonatype.

The survey of just over 5000 people from 70 countries asked whether the respondents were using mature or immature devops practices. Only 15% described their company's devops as mature, with 36% saying it was improving, and 49% feeling they were working in an immature devops environment. Those companies where the respondents said they worked in a mature environment also had the highest levels of job satisfaction, employee loyalty, and developer productivity.


On a more practical level, over half the respondents said they deployed to production at least once a week, with 24% deploying multiple times a week.


One slightly strange finding was that developers working in organizations with more automated security tools and better training are happier, and more likely to adhere to security policies. The happiest developers built more security practices into their applications, and the pipelines that build them. 

This sounded odd to us, but looking further, Sonatype classified 'happy' as being the same as being satisfied, or extremely satisfied, with their job, being willing to recommend their employer to friends seeking a new job, having the tools they need to complete their job, being more likely to receive training, and, mostly, being part of mature DevOps teams. Whether this corresponds to 'happy' or just 'fine with their job' is something we'll leave you to decide.

The Sonatype team said that one question they'd originally intended to be a humorous was “Who causes the most friction in your organization?” The answer varied according to the perceived maturity of the devops. In mature Devops practices, the most common causes of friction (at 14% each) were management and other developers. In teams judged 'unhappy' by Sonatype's categorisation, 44% of respondents pointed the finger at management as the main cause of friction, but only 8% said other developers were the problem. 



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