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Written by Harry Fairhead   
Friday, 25 January 2019

The annual Stack Overflow developer survey has opened and is awaiting responses from not only its community but anyone who works with code, everywhere. 

In 2018 Stack Overflow published its largest ever survey with over 100,000 responses from 183 countries.

In the blog post announcing the ninth edition of the survey Khalid El Khatib makes of point of letting us know that this year's set of questions is shorter than previously:

We heard you loud and clear last year when you asked for a shorter survey. We did our best to deliver without sacrificing valuable insight, and we shaved off about five minutes from last year’s survey. The survey should take about 25 minutes to complete. 

- and this includes providing feedback on this survey when you get to the end.

So far the feeling on Hacker News is that it's a better survey than previously with one comments reading:

felt like a great deal of effort was put into not only the questions, but the multiple choice answers. Made it easy to breeze right through it.

One welcome feature for those in a hurry is that certain questions are flagged as required while the others are optional.

On the other hand it's worth making time to answer some of the optional questions, including the one that asks for your favorite musical artist with a view to compiling a coding playlist.

Another lets you express your opinion of blockchain:


The question that made me pause for thought was:

What individual person do you think will have the most influence in tech in the coming year

I really couldn't decide so moved on to the next question that asked:


Dilemma again - do I choose SIGH which is what I generally feel, or just admit that I am and that it will all fall apart when I do!

The survey  is expected to close on February 12th. The incentive to participate if you are a registered user of Stack Overflow is  earning a Census badge on Stack Overflow or a different technical site in the Stack Exchange network for completing it in its entirety. If you finish the survey and are not a registered user you are invited to join and gain the badge. 



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