Glassdoor's Best Jobs For 2022
Written by Janet Swift   
Wednesday, 09 February 2022

In its new rankings of Best Jobs, Glassdoor put Enterprise Architect top of its list for the USA and Java Developer top in the UK.


Glassdoor is a job search site on which current and former employees anonymously review companies and their management. For its annual listing of Best Jobs, which is done separately the US and UK, the overall job score is determined by weighting three factors equally: number of job openings, earning potential (using median annual base salary) and overall job satisfaction rating, which although collected separately in the US and UK rarely differ. C-suite and intern level jobs are excluded from these rankings but they cover all the careers Glassdoor handles. For example in the US, Physician is listed at #16, Psychiatrist at #22, Attorney at #27 and Dentist at #28.

While Glassdoor's two lists several managerial jobs - Sales, Marketing and HR Manager and Corporate Recruiter to name just 4, we've excluded these to come up with a consolidated list of Glassdoor Top jobs for I Programmer:

Job Title
US UK   Max 5* US K$  UK £K
1 2 Enterprise Architect 4.1 145 74
2  4 Full Stack Engineer 4.3 102  47
3  5 Data Scientist 4.1 (4.2) 120  49
4  16 Devops Engineer 4.2 120  54
6  - Machine Learning Eng 4.3 130  -
7  15 Data Engineer 4.0 114  50
8  17 Software Engineer 3.9 117  50
9  1 Java Developer 4.1 107  55
11 Back End Engineer 4.2 112
12  19 Cloud Engineer 4.0 119  60
18 Salesforce Developer  4.2 99
21 Automation Engineer  4.1 87
24  11 UX Designer  4.0 (4.3) 97
30 Systems Engineer  3.9 101
32 Scrum Master  4.1 109
37 QA Engineer 4.0 88
38  9 Front End Engineer  4.0 (4.2) 81  44
 12 Mobile Engineer (4.1) 51


The top job in the US and second in the UK is Enterprise Architect, which can be thought of the role of business analyst combined with sys admin on steroids. We were tempted to exclude it on the grounds of being more managerial than programmer-oriented but then realized that a computer science background is vital to the role which also requires years of experience. So if you tempted by a high salary, what is an Enterprise Architect? Here's a definition given by

An enterprise architect is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of an organization’s IT networks and services. As an enterprise architect, you will be responsible for overseeing, improving and upgrading enterprise services, software and hardware. You will also need to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies and keep an eye out for any software, services or hardware that might improve business processes.

The enterprise architect role requires complex thinking and strategizing to ascertain which legacy systems can be updated, what software or hardware can be replaced and which services or products will support business operations across each department. 

The high demand for people to take on these responsibilities is because, post-pandemic, many businesses are digitizing their operations at a scale never before contemplated. 

The top job in the UK is Java Developer, due to the high number of job openings. Java is the only specific language named in Glassdoor's list and the role of "Software Developer" which was included in the previous Glassdoor Best Jobs we looked at in 2019 is now no longer in the list and job openings for this role seem to be put in the "Software Engineer" category. On the other hand "Web Developer" is now split into three roles - Full Stack which comes in 2nd place in the US and 4th in the UK, Front End, 38th in the US but 9th in the UK and Back End, 11th in the US and not listed in the UK which seems an anomaly. 

Another anomaly is the while Mobile Engineer comes in at #12 in the UK it isn't listed among the top 50 in the US. This could be because of a relatively low salary or a satisfaction score less than 4 out of 5. Satisfaction score does have an impact on these rankings as indicated by US Designer which only has a satisfaction score of 4.0 in the US where it is placed at #24, but in the UK it scores 4.3 and is at #11. On the other hand while the absence of Machine Learning in the UK list seems odd, it shouldn't be interpreted as either a low satisfaction or lack of demand. There are such jobs listed on Glassdoor, including some that also fall into the Data Scientist category, and they are paid on a par with the Data Scientist role. 

The most obvious differences between the US and the UK is that salaries across the board are higher in the US. Doubling the UK salary in pounds sterling bring you close to what you might expect in dollars in the US - but at the moment the conversion rate is below 75 cents to the pound so UK salaries are around one third lower. 




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