NoSQL Job Trends
Written by Alex Denham   
Wednesday, 04 September 2013

Job trends for the NoSQL sector shows this is a good sector to be interested in, with MongoDB leading the pack.

Using the Find Trends calculator at international recruitment specialists, it is clear that since it first appeared in the NoSQL landscape in Spring 2010 MongoDB has seen a meteoric rise. Interestingly it exhibits a very similar trend to Hadoop, the parallel processing platform, which started its climb two years earlier.indeedad2's comparison of the jobs on offer for eight NoSQL databases shows that MongoDB is pulling away from the rest of the NoSQL pack, with a steep rise in demand since the beginning of the year.

Over recent months CouchDB and Simpledb have remained static, but Couchbase is increasing although still well down the league. HBase, Cassandra, Redis and, to a lesser extent, Rias have all seen rises in demand, showing the overall buoyancy in the NoSQL job market.


A slightly different picture is produced if you do a similar comparison for using the Jobs Trends facility on SimplyHired,  which compares jobs in the US market:




This graph of the twelve months to July 2013 show that  MongoDB, while still the leader in terms of number of jobs has remained flat since February after a decline from its peak at the end of 2012. Currently Hbase is the only product to show a consistent upward trend. Redis and CouchDB have dropped slightly, while at the bottom of the league Riak, Couchbase and Simpledb have all seen growth.

The percentage changes (+ increase, - decrease)  in the period July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013 for the  are:


Position NoSQL Database Change



No change
2 Cassandra +25%
3 Hbase +23%
4 Redis - 7%
5 Couchdb - 2%
6 Riak +13%
7 Couchbase +41%
8 Simpledb +21%


Comparing the statistics from Indeed and SimplyHired the most recent surge in MongoDB jobs is a global rather than a US phenomenon. But wherever you are in the world NoSQL currently offers great job opportunities.


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