Vision Mobile Developer Survey Extended
Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 19 June 2017

There is still time to have your preferences and your experiences as a developer counted in Vision Mobile's Q3 State of the Developer Nation survey. Complete the survey by June 25th for chances to  win prizes and to discover what type of developer you are.



Vision Mobile first conducted research in 2008 when it polled 350 mobile developers across 60 countries and 5 platforms, Symbian's S60, Android, Java, Windows and Linux to discover what their favourite platforms were and what factors contributed to the preference.

By the time we first reported its Developer Economics report in 2012 (see Survey Reveals App Poverty Line) the number of respondents to a survey not only in English but also translated into Chinese, Spanish and Russian increased to over 1500 developers in 83 countries and seven platforms, all still mobile:  Android, iOS, mobile web, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Qt and Java ME. The emphasis of its report was on revenue generation and its bleak finding was that:

One in three mobile developers cannot rely on apps as a sole source of income, even if they have created multiple apps. In other words, they are below the app poverty line.

Still focusing exclusively on mobile development, in the Q3 2013 State of the Developer Nation, Vision Mobile identified eight developer segments Hobbyists, Explorers, Hunters, Guns for Hire,  Product Extenders, Digital Content Publishers, Gold Seekers and Enterprise IT developers and in looking at revenue generation noted:

Revenues - in some form or other - are the goal for only 50% of mobile developers, which challenges the assumptions of developer marketing programs that use money as the main developer incentive.

As it grew in numbers and in the number of languages used, Vision Mobile also extended the scope of its survey to cover desktop apps, IOT and Cloud  and refined the Developer Segments, see VisionMobile Reveals Latest Developer Landscape for IProgrammer's summary of the results of the 10th edition of the survey which had almost 22,00 respondents from over 150 countries. Two more categories, data science/machine learning and AR/VR, were added for the 11th edition. 

The survey was "gamified" for the 12th edition and now, for the 13th, a space journey theme has been introduced together and you'll find programmer jokes interspersed with questions as you complete the survey, which requires around 15-20 minutes of your time, depending on how many of the categories are relevant to you. 




The more questions you answer the more chances you have to win one of the prizes Vision Mobile is offering as an incentive. They include a Surface Pro 3, and iPhone 7, an Oculus Rift headset, a Pixel Phone, Udemy and Coursra courses, Arduino and Raspberry Pi 3 starter kits. As soon as you've competed the survey you'll discover what type of developer you are from 10 possible types.detypes



You will be  emailed a personalized chart that as well as explaining your developer personality provides charts comparing you to  other developers in your country or region.




This edition includes a set of preferences options for some of the questions that are contentious in the developer world. In the light of our recent report, Tabs versus Spaces? Not Just Contentious But Economic which was based on Stack Overflow;s recent survey, it will be interesting to see the results in due course.



The survey, at this link, has been extended to June 25th to give more time for devs to take part and is now in more languages - Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian. 





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