Reading Your Way To Agile
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 17 April 2018
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Reading Your Way To Agile
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Essential Scrum

Author: Kenneth S. Rubin
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Pages: 504
ISBN: 978-0137043293

This title aimed at both new and experienced users of Scrum impressed reviewer Andrew Johnson enough to award it 5 stars. The book starts by covering Scrum's core concepts, starting from the Scrum Framework, and a preliminary overview of its practices including roles, activities and artifacts. Throughout the book, the author uses Visual Icon language, described as "a vocabulary of icons that have been designed to capture essential Scrum roles, artifacts and activities".



By the end of the book, the aim is that readers go away with enough knowledge to implement Scrum for themselves, although the author concedes that people sometimes feel they are not ready to start using Scrum as they haven't worked out all the details. This is countered by the reminder:

"When employing Scrum, you shouldn't worry about getting things perfect up front. You can't!"  

Andrew's conclusion is that if you want to know about Scrum. or more about Scrum, or want a reference book that will help you adhere to Scum methodology, this book is highly recommended.


Scrum For The Rest Of Us!

Author: Brian M. Rabon
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Pages: 92
ISBN: 978-1457525803

This book aims to teach you Scrum quickly without any technobabble, and according to reviewer Ian Stirk, who awarded it 4.7 stars, it is aimed at anyone interested in learning Scrum, especially the beginner or intermediate-level user. Ian says that the book requires no programming or technical knowledge, is short at 92 pages, and should be readable within a few hours.



Ian says the book succeeds effortlessly in its aim to teach you Scrum quickly, is easy to read, with good explanations and flow, useful lists and diagrams, and helpful website links for further information. The many sections on Q & A, and Smells (real-world problems and their solution) are particularly useful, and practical.

Ian does point out that a book of this size can’t possibly cover all Scrum areas, but it does cover the major topics. Overall, Ian's conclusion is that if you want a quick, concise, honest, practical, and comprehensive overview of Scrum, he recommends you buy this book.

The Scrum Field Guide

Author: Mitch Lacey
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Pages: 480
ISBN: 978-0133853629

This practical guide to Scrum is an updated second edition of the popular title, and Kay Ewbank says that like its predecessor it provides a really readable and practical introduction to Scrum. 



Changing your development project management to use the Scrum methodology is notoriously tricky, but this book is very practical and understandable, concentrating less on the theory and more on advice and techniques designed to make your Scrum projects end successfully. Books about frameworks and similar topics can be incredibly dry and difficult to read, but Lacey manages to keep the book readable and even interesting.  With this in mind, Kay awarded the book 4.5 stars, saying that if you're working on a development project and using Scrum, it's worth reading this book.


The Scrumban (R)Evolution

Author: Ajay Reddy
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 978-0134086217

This book has the subtitle "Getting the Most Out of Agile, Scrum, and Lean Kanban", which covers most Agile topics!  It sets out to show how Lean and Agile principles can be mixed and managed within the Scrumban framework, and Alex Denham awarded it 4.5 stars.

Scrumban is a mixture of two popular frameworks - Scrum and Kanban, and essentially means applying Kanban systems within a Scrum context.


Alex said that while the upbeat tone of the book, especially in the coaching tips, was at times a bit overwhelming, the book explains Scrumban and how to use it well. The overall conclusion is that this would make a good book for anyone using Scrum and wanting to add Kanban into it, or if you're thinking of moving to an agile programming model.  

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