Fitness success with a spreadsheet
Written by Janet Swift   
Friday, 07 May 2010
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Fitness success with a spreadsheet
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In the third and final part of our "Get fit with Excel" series we draw some charts not only to see the progress made but also predict future success.

If you haven't already collected your own fitness data you can download the example worksheet used for this article.




In Getting Fit with Excel we created a printable record card with which to collect fitness data. As well as the number of minutes spent daily on different types of exercise activity it also enabled us to record several other success indicators:

As measures of stamina:

  • Number of steps before having to takea break
  • Number of press ups before having to take a break

As indicators of improving performance:

  • Time to run a mile (recorded in seconds)
  • Time to walk a mile (recorded in seconds)


(Click inside picture to expand it)

Print preview of the record card from Part 1

Now we fast forward 12 weeks and have collected information - some of which has been analysed as outlined in Monitoring a Fitness Regime.

Using all the data we will now turn to a third page of the worksheet which can be given the name "Achievements".

For the purpose of creating charts, if you don't yet have your own data download Exercise Data.xls which has been completed with these figures - click to expand it.


Exercise Data for 12 weeks

(Click inside picture to expand it)

One point of formatting in this table is that the cells A1 to I1 containing the column headings have had both Bold and word wrap applied to them. To do this select the cells and then click on the B (bold icon) in the Formatting Toolbar. While the cells are still selected use the menu command Format,Cells (or use Ctrl+1 or choose Format Cells from the right-click mouse menu). Go to the Alignment tab in the Format Cells dialog and place a tick against Wrap text in the Text control section. Then click OK..



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