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Apache Phoenix Now HBase 2.0 Compatible
20 Jul 2018 - Kay EwbankApache Phoenix Now HBase 2.0 Compatible

Apache Phoenix 5.0 has been released. This is a major version upgrade to bring the compatibility for HBase to 2.0+, and to support Apache Hadoop 3.0.

Is Google's Fuchsia OS Destined For Android?
20 Jul 2018 - Kay EwbankIs Google's Fuchsia OS Destined For Android?

Insiders on the Fuschia team, a new OS that Google is keeping under wraps, have leaked some interesting hints as to what and why it is all about. The one fact here is that there is no official word from Google.

Periscope Data In Collaboration With SageMaker
19 Jul 2018 - Kay EwbankPeriscope Data In Collaboration With SageMaker

A new machine learning product that makes use of Amazon SageMaker has been announced by Periscope Data. The system is currently in beta.

Android's Uncertain Future
19 Jul 2018 - Sue GeeAndroid's Uncertain Future

We were already concerned about the impact on the future of Android of the still ongoing Oracle v Google lawsuit. Now Google has been fined €4.3 billion ($5 billion) by the European Commission for breaking its antitrust regulation and If it doesn't comply with the EU's strictures within 90 days, it will face a daily fine of $15 million.  Can Android emerge unscathed? 

Visual Studio IntelliCode Infers C# Coding Conventions
18 Jul 2018 - Kay EwbankVisual Studio IntelliCode Infers C# Coding Conventions

The Visual Studio IntelliCode Extension has been updated to add 'coding convention inference' for C#.  In other words, the extension can look at your existing coding conventions and create a configuration file that best matches the way your code looks.

VIM In The Browser - The Magic of WASM
18 Jul 2018 - Ian ElliotVIM In The Browser - The Magic of WASM

No this is not some JavaScript mock-up of VIM, this really is the original real VIM compiled to WASM and then loaded into a browser. It doesn't get more authentic or crazy than this. It is the shape of things to come.

Sharpen Your Hacking Skills With CTFLearn
18 Jul 2018 - Nikos VaggalisSharpen Your Hacking Skills With CTFLearn

CTFlearn began as a simple project by the members of a local school's CTF club in order to have a playground for testing their skills. V2 of the site is currently undergoing a beta, but is available to the public. Let's find out what this revamped version has to offer.

Hadoopi - Raspberry Pi Hadoop Cluster
17 Jul 2018 - Kay EwbankHadoopi - Raspberry Pi Hadoop Cluster

There's an updated version of Hadoopi, a Hadoop distribution for the Raspberry Pi. Hadoopi supports various components of the Hadoop ecosystem including HBase, Hive, and Spark. The new release has wired networking (for improved performance and reliability) plus the addition of metrics collection with Prometheus and visualisation of those metrics in Grafana dashboards.

Bootcamp Or College - Which Should You Choose?
17 Jul 2018 - Janet SwiftBootcamp Or College - Which Should You Choose?

For the professional programmer getting a good job is a prime concern. But what constitutes a good job? Which is more likely to impress the - college or bootcamp? And which is the better preparation for real world work?

Google Maps API Changes Billing Rules
16 Jul 2018 - Kay EwbankGoogle Maps API Changes Billing Rules

Google has changed the pricing and access model for its Google Maps Platform APIs. From July 16, users will have to pay more for map accesses, and all projects will have to have an official API key linked to a credit card.

Raspbian Gets A Setup Wizard
16 Jul 2018 - Harry FairheadRaspbian Gets A Setup Wizard

Raspbian, the main OS for the Raspberry Pi range, has just got easier to use, and this is important even if you have no interest in the Pi.

Neural Networks Learn To Remove Noise Without Seeing A Good Image
15 Jul 2018 - Mike JamesNeural Networks Learn To Remove Noise Without Seeing A Good Image

Don't you just hate film grain? Except, of course, when you don't and set it as a special effect on your digital camera. NVIDIA now has a tool that will remove grain, noise and all manner of defects, and the amazing part is that it learned how to without seeing a clean image. How?

A New Type Of Drone
14 Jul 2018 - Harry FairheadA New Type Of Drone

We are well beyond peak drone - to be more accurate beyond peak drone videos. There doesn't seem much left to do but find applications. A tricopter is a bit special and interesting to watch.

July Week 2
14 Jul 2018 - EditorJuly Week 2

If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on I Programmer to sift through the news and uncover the most interesting stories. Our weekly digest also covers the week's articles, books reviews and additions to Book Watch.

GitHub Enterprise 2.14 Adds Unified Search
13 Jul 2018 - Alex Denham

GitHub Enterprise has been updated to add unified search and a beta of the Checks API.

Machine Learning Added To Azure HDInsight
13 Jul 2018 - Kay Ewbank

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Machine Learning (ML) Services 9.3 on Azure HDInsight. The new release has added support for Python, hence the name change from R Server to ML Services.

Guido van Rossum Quits As Python BDFL
12 Jul 2018 - Mike James

Soon after the news of PEP 572 and the turmoil it caused, we now have the announcement that Python's BDFL is taking a permanent vacation from the job. Where now Python?

ONVIF Challenge Winners
12 Jul 2018 - Lucy Black

The results of the ONVIF Open Source Spotlight Challenge have been announced. The challenge site has details of all the submissions and if you are looking for interesting ways to use security cameras then it's a treasure trove.

Ten Years Of The Apple App Store
11 Jul 2018 - Lucy Black

Ten years of the App Store - is it time to celebrate? Or is it time to reflect back on what we have lost and what has been gained?

Python Passion For Assignment Expressions - PEP 572
11 Jul 2018 - Mike James

You would think with a language as old as Python there wouldn't be much left to get excited about, but over the past few months PEP-572, a proposal to add a new feature, has been raising the blood pressure of the Python community.

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