Visualizing Streaming Data (O'Reilly)
Monday, 20 August 2018

This practical guide shows different ways to create visualizations that bring context and a sense of time to streaming text data. Author Anthony Aragues introduces the concepts and tools needed to build visualizations for analyzing data as it arrives.The topics ride the line between design and development because they are both integral in presenting comprehensible data.



Author: Anthony Aragues
Publisher: O'Reilly
Date: July 2018
Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-1492031857
Print: 1492031852
Kindle: B07DGKKG52
Audience: Data scientists and developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Data Science



  • Determine your company’s goals for visualizing streaming data
  • Identify key data sources and learn how to stream them
  • Learn practical methods for processing streaming data
  • Build a client application for interacting with events, logs, and records
  • Explore common components for visualizing streaming data
  • Consider analysis concepts for developing your visualization
  • Define the dashboard’s layout, flow direction, and component movement
  • Improve visualization quality and productivity through collaboration
  • Explore use cases including security, IoT devices, and application data

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