The Manga Guide to Cryptography (No Starch Press)
Monday, 27 August 2018

This book turns the art of encryption and decryption into plain, comic-illustrated, English. Authors Masaaki Mitani and Shinichi Satou show Inspector Jun Meguro on a quest to bring a cipher-wielding thief to justice that also illustrates how cryptographic ciphers work. Illustrated throughout with Japanese manga, the book covers cryptography topics such as classic substitution, polyalphabetic, and transposition ciphers; symmetric-key algorithms like block and DES (Data Encryption Standard) ciphers; and how to use public key encryption technology. It also explores practical applications of encryption such as digital signatures, password security, and identity fraud counter-measures.



Author: Masaaki Mitani and Shinichi Satou
Publisher: No Starch Press
Date: July 2018
Pages: 248
ISBN: 978-1593277420
Print: 1593277423
Kindle: B07113DS7H
Audience: Developers interested in cryptography
Level: Intermediate
Category: Theory & Techniques 




Part of  the "The Manga Guide to" series, this book follows the set format of lots of comic strip pictures with the hero and heroine going through adventures and encounters, explaining ideas along the way.

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