Tableau Unlimited: Basics to Advanced (Books Distinct)
Wednesday, 07 November 2018

This book is aimed at readers who want to learn to use Tableau, including those new to Information Technology or Data Analytics. Author Chandraish Sinha covers Tableau from basics to advanced, including advanced visualizations and maps. The book contains over 50 exercises based on ten datasets that are provided for readers to practice and become proficient in Tableau.



Author: Chandraish Sinha
Publisher: Books District Publications
Date: November 2018
Pages: 226
ISBN: 978-0999244913
Print: 0999244914
Audience: Users of Tableau
Level: Intermediate
Category: Data Science



Topics include:

  • 50+ step-by-step exercises
  • New changes in Tableau 2018.2, 2018..
  • Formatting data for Tableau
  • Date Calculations
  • Advanced Table Calculations
  • LOD and nested LOD Calculations
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Parameters
  • Using Shapes and custom Shapes
  • Advanced maps


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