Android Studio 3.2 Development Essentials (Payload Media)
Monday, 14 January 2019

Subtitled 'Developing Android 9 Apps Using Android Studio 3.2, Java and Android Jetpack', this edition has been fully updated for Android Studio 3.2, Android 9 and Android Jetpack. The goal of this book is to teach the skills necessary to develop Android-based applications using the Java programming language. Author Neil Smyth begins with the basics, providing an outline of the steps necessary to set up an Android development and testing environment..



Author: Neil Smyth
Publisher: Payload Media
Date: December 2018
Pages: 780
ISBN: 978-0960010943
Print: 0960010947
Kindle: B07MH3918C
Audience: Android developers
Level: Introductory/Intermediate
Category: Hardware platforms 



Chapters are also included covering the Android Architecture Components including view models, lifecycle management, Room databases, app navigation, live data and data binding.

More advanced topics such as intents are also covered, as are touch screen handling, gesture recognition, camera access and the playback and recording of both video and audio. This edition of the book also covers printing, transitions and cloud-based file storage.

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