Professional C++ 4th Ed (Wrox)
Monday, 28 January 2019

This book is designed as an advanced manual for C++ programming that aims to help experienced developers get more out of the latest release and this 4th edition has been revised to cover the changes to C++17. Author Marc Gregoire skims over the basics and dives right in to exploiting the full capabilities of C++17. Each feature is explained by example, each including actual code snippets that you can plug into your own applications. Case studies include extensive, working code that has been tested on Windows and Linux, and the book has expert tips, tricks, and workarounds.



Author: Marc Gregoire
Publisher: Wrox
Date: April 2018
Pages: 1184
ISBN: 978-1119421306
Print: 1119421306
Kindle:  B07BDFW4PN
Audience: C++ developers
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Category: C/C++ 


  • Demonstrates how to think in C++ in order to maximize the language's far-reaching capabilities and develop effective solutions
  • Explains poorly understood elements, warns against pitfalls, and shares tips, tricks, and workarounds for efficiency and performance
  • Presents a variety of challenging, real-world program segments versatile enough to plug into any project
  • Highlights the new features of C++17 including structured bindings, nested namespaces, constexpr if, and much more
  • Features in-depth discussions of new C++17 Standard Library features, such as string_view, optional, parallel algorithms, the file system API, and more


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