Searchable Storage in Cloud Computing (Springer)
Wednesday, 20 February 2019

This book looks at searchable storage in cloud computing. It introduces and presents new schemes for exploring and exploiting the searchable storage via cost-efficient semantic hashing computation. Authors Dr.Yu Hua and Dr. Xue (Steve) Liu cover topics from basic hashing structures (Bloom filters, locality sensitive hashing, cuckoo hashing), semantic storage systems, and searchable namespace, which support multiple applications, such as cloud backups, exact and approximate queries and image analytics.)


The book shows how searchable techniques can offer ease of use and simplicity, and how the structures and techniques have been implemented to support real-world applications, some of which offer open-source codes for public use.

Author: Dr.Yu Hua and Dr. Xue (Steve) Liu
Publisher: Springer
Date: February 2019
Pages: 204
ISBN: 978-9811327209
Print: 9811327203
Kindle: B07NJQ4X1C
Audience: Developers working with cloud data
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Category: Cloud Computing and Data Science 



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