Java in a Nutshell 7th Ed (O'Reilly)
Friday, 22 February 2019

This updated edition of a long-lived classic aims to help experienced Java programmers get the most out of Java versions 9 through 11, as well as provide a learning path for new developers. Authors Ben Evans and David Flanagan use examples that demonstrate how to take complete advantage of modern Java APIs and development best practices. Their thoroughly revised book includes new material on Java Concurrency Utilities, and includes a reference to core concepts and APIs that explains how to perform real programming work in the Java environment.



Authors: Ben Evans and David Flanagan
Publisher: O'Reilly
Date: December 2018
Pages: 456
ISBN: 978-1492037255
Print: 1492037257
Kindle: B07L3BFG49
Audience: Java developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Java 


  • Get up to speed on language details, including Java 9-11 changes
  • Learn object-oriented programming, using basic Java syntax
  • Explore generics, enumerations, annotations, and lambda expressions
  • Understand basic techniques used in object-oriented design
  • Examine concurrency and memory, and how they’re intertwined
  • Work with Java collections and handle common data formats
  • Delve into Java’s latest I/O APIs, including asynchronous channels
  • Use Nashorn to execute JavaScript on the Java Virtual Machine
  • Become familiar with development tools in OpenJDK

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