Modern Algorithms of Cluster Analysis (Springer)
Monday, 17 June 2019

This book provides a basic understanding of the formal concepts of the cluster, clustering, partition, and cluster analysis. Authors Slawomir Wierzchoń and Mieczyslaw Klopotek explain feature-based, graph-based and spectral clustering methods and discuss their formal similarities and differences. They also provide an overview of approaches to handling large collections of objects in a reasonable time, including grid-based methods, sampling methods, parallelization via Map-Reduce, usage of tree-structures, random projections and various heuristic approaches.

<ASIN: 3319887521>

Author: Slawomir Wierzchoń and Mieczyslaw Klopotek
Publisher: Springer
Date: June 2019
Pages: 444
ISBN: 978-3319887524
Print: 3319887521
Kindle: B078Q1YL76
Audience: Data scientists
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Category: Data Science 


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