Classic Game Design (Mercury Learning)
Friday, 26 July 2019

In this book you’ll go step by step using modern, free software tools such as Unity to create five games in the classic style, inspired by retro favorites like: Pong, Breakout, Space Invaders, Scramble, and Pac-Man. Author Franz Lanzinger shows how the roots of modern video game design lie in the classics of the ’70s and ’80s. The book shows how to make your own games, putting in your own color graphics, adjusting the scoring, coding the AI, and creating the sound effects.



Author: Franz Lanzinger
Publisher: Mercury Learning
Date: June 2019
Pages: 293
ISBN: 978-1683923855
Print: 1683923855
Kindle:  B07S3ZW1Z8
Audience: Beginners to creating desktop games
Level: Introductory
Category: Graphics & Games


  • Uses Unity, C#, Blender, GIMP, and Audacity to make five fun classic games
  • 4-color throughout with companion files that include source code, art, and full projects 
  • Includes historical anecdotes direct from one of the fabled Atari coin-op programmers
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions, dozens of exercises, and rules of classic game design
  • Contains unique insights on applying classic game design concepts to modern games

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See Classic Game Design for a review of 1st edition, which David Conrad described as "a very odd book" noting "Don't let that put you off because some readers are going to like it a lot"


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