Angular Projects (Packt Publishing)
Wednesday, 02 October 2019

This practical guide to building optimized web apps using Angular explores a number of popular features, including the experimental, Ivy rendered, lazy loading and differential loading. Author Zama Khan Mohammed starts with the basics of Angular and its tools, before going on to the "nine real-world applications from scratch" referred to in the subtitle. These projects include an SPA using Angular Router, and optimizing it by code splitting and Preloading Routes; making forms reactive using Reactive Forms; a progressive web app, and a server-side rendering app. The book ends with creating and testing a component library using the Angular CDK.


Author: Zama Khan Mohammed
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Date:September 2019
Pages: 350
ISBN: 978-1838559359
Print: 1838559353
Kindle:  B07XLKCZMJ
Audience: JavaScript programmers wanting to learn Angular
Level: Intermediate
Category: JavaScript


  • Set up Angular applications using Angular CLI and Angular Console
  • Understand lazy loading using dynamic imports for routing
  • Perform server-side rendering by building an SEO application
  • Build a Multi-Language NativeScript Application with Angular
  • Explore the components library for frontend web using Angular CDK
  • Scale your Angular applications using Nx, NgRx, and Redux

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