Effective TypeScript (O'Reilly)
Wednesday, 04 December 2019

This book guides you through 62 specific ways to improve your use of TypeScript. Author Dan Vanderkam provides techniques to take a beginning or intermediate user familiar with the basics to be an advanced user who knows how to use the language well. The book helps build mental models of how TypeScript and its ecosystem work, making you aware of pitfalls and traps to avoid, and guides you toward using TypeScript’s many capabilities in the most effective ways possible.



Author: Dan Vanderkam
Publisher: O'Reilly
Date: November 2019
Pages: 266
ISBN: 978-1492053743
Print: 1492053740
Kindle:  B07Z8HRZZ3
Audience: TypeScript developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: JavaScript

Topics covered:

  • Getting to Know TypeScript
  • TypeScript’s Type System
  • Type Inference
  • Type Design
  • Working with any
  • Types Declarations and @types
  • Writing and Running Your Code
  • Migrating to TypeScript



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